April 26, 2023


"They are absolutely awesome! My mom had an accident this morning. I had no problems with any staff. Was able to handle all of the issues and they helped carry her things to my vehicle since hers was totaled. Highly recommend. "
September 30, 2022

Customer service

"Just want to highlight Ms Billy . I have called before and when I called this time she was the most pleasant helpful lady . I was prepared for a bad attitude like before but she shocked me . I had to get her name because she was so nice and helpful. This woman deserves a raise . Thank you Billy u are an awesome human being stay sweet . God bless "
March 28, 2021

"Excellent. We had to get a car out of a garage and curve it into storage. Great team!"
March 28, 2021

"Was in an accident and OKC police called to have my incapacitated vehicle towed. It was a traumatic experience but not having to worry about moving my vehicle was worth it’s weight in gold. The tow driver wasn’t overly friendly or talkative but he was efficient and got my vehicle moved quickly. I was very stressed about getting some items out of my vehicle and they set up a time for us to grab everything. Yes, the office workers aren’t overly friendly but they are efficient and straight to the point. If you come prepared you will have a much easier time. They escorted us to the lot for security reasons and I noticed many security measures in the lot which I was thankful for. The escort was friendly and talked to us about the accident and life in general. We came across Pucketts a second time when my son got into an accident. The tow driver arrived quickly and got the vehicle moved. He gave us ample time to move valuable items out of the car before he took it. Again, not overly friendly but efficient."
March 28, 2021

"I have been working with Chris for years and he is always on his game."
Puckett's Inc.