Lienholder Inquiry

Due to the number of calls being received for vehicles that have been released and the amount of time it takes to answer each call when a vehicle is no longer in storage, we have set up a form that not only provides information requested but also provides a written record of the information. We have set up this procedure to help lienholders document the information requested along with providing a detailed record of the information we passed along to the lienholder in a timely manner for us and the lienholder. Any information needed regarding the condition or drivability of the vehicle will be found on the tow ticket copy in the envelope with the Notice of Possessory Lien letter which is required by Oklahoma Statute to be mailed.

Please check the tow ticket for condition of the vehicle and if we have keys. Our dispatchers are looking at a computer screen and not the vehicle. They cannot see or diagnose the condition of the vehicle. Keep in mind, the vehicle owner is allowed access (excluding HOLDS) to the vehicle after presenting ownership documentation and government issued photo ID. Personal property listed on the tow ticket may have been removed by the vehicle owner. A lienholder taking possession of a vehicle (or their authorized agent) is responsible for the personal property in, on and attached to the vehicle. Your agent will sign and accept all responsibility for all personal property in, on and attached to the vehicle. Please complete form below.‚Äč For inquiries in Oklahoma City, Del City, Moore, and Norman, OK, please contact us at Puckett’s Inc. for more info.

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